Thursday, October 18, 2007

Wake up Cat II

I've been having the devil of a time embedding the YouTube video below in my blog, so I'm just going to write a separate entry for it. Hopefully, it will work for you - it's worth watching, especially if you like cats.

The Husband found this on one of his geeky, er techie (please, someone show me how to do that cool strike-through thingy) websites that he visits. I have never owned a cat personally, but I imagine that mornings are really like this (more or less - I take into account literary license). Would anyone who co-habits with a feline like to comment? Obviously, it has nothing to do with knitting or beading (apart from a general propensity towards yarn and shiny, dangly things on the part of most cats I have known), but everyone needs a break sometime, right?

I know I promised a pic of Sarah Moran's cool bead(s) (okay, I might have bought more than one of them) several days ago, and I have yet to deliver. I will try to get that done this evening.

Thank you for the kind anniversary wishes. We had a very nice dinner last night at a chi-chi restaurant (a restaurant where we're known, which makes a difference, with the Short One). The SO was not terribly impressed with my petite filet, but he grudgingly ate a little ziti in cheese sauce. He started a nice (but unintelligible) toast which was interrupted by the arrival of the ceremonial anniversary banana creme pie, at which point all thoughts went out of our collective heads (at least the SO's and mine - H doesn't eat sweets). I would say all in all it was a great success.

It's occurred to me finally that it's already the middle of October, and I have yet to start knitting the SO's Monster sweater/Halloween outfit. Thank goodness he's still small enough that the knitting goes pretty fast. I just have to remember to start it over the next day or so. I really do have a memory like a sieve these days. Remind me, someone, will you?

Thanks for stopping by!


Monkee Maker said...

Ok ... I'll try and explain it using an example I used with someone else .....

Say you want to type "Monkee Maker is hilarious" but then decide you want to change it to "rubbish", you type the following :-

Monkee Maker is (del)hilarious(/del) rubbish

But use the pointy brackets <> not the round ones () ..... you can't use strike-out on comments so I can't include them in this example.

Hope this helps .... now go forth and strike-out!!

the vicious chicken said...

I'm glad you had a great anniversay - and thanks for making me giggle with tales of the SO's unintelligible toast!

Good luck with that costume (I'll be back to nag you about it if I don't hear that you've started soon, you know - well, you did ask to be reminded!)

Melissa said...

MM - thanks so much for the tip - I'll try it next time.

VC - the SO has a fine sense of priorities. No matter how suspicious he gets about green vegetables and most meat dishes, he always up for trying a new dessert. And please to remind me about the costume! I can't believe I've let it slide for so long...