Sunday, October 14, 2007

Sugar Toppers

Today, I'm making a little detour from my usual bead/knitting mandate for a shameless plug about cupcakes. (Yum. I can't think of a tastier detour.)

I met Rachel Place, aka Fancy Pants, through the community at Art Bead Scene earlier this year. We have similar tastes in lampworked beads, and we both have young kids, so we got to talking on email, and she's been a great cohort in the strange - but infinitely attractive, of course - beading adventure in which we've both been engaged. She is a talented lampworker in her own right - she owns the Etsy store Fancy Pants Beads - but she also is an extremely talented cake maker and decorator. She's recently launched a new venture called Sugar Toppers. As you can see in the photos above, sugar toppers are decorative little discs made of fondant that are intended to adorn plain frosted cupcakes. By using Rachel's sugar toppers, you can create little works of art for your next party with pretty much no effort at all (on your end, at least). Let me say that again. As someone with years of children's birthday parties and other children's parties ahead of me still, I really like the "no effort at all" part of the sugar toppers. As I'm sure you can tell yourself, Rachel has a great eye for color and design. Her Etsy store has recently gone live - please visit her, here. To learn more about her Sugar Toppers, please visit her blog. Oh, and for anyone inclined to sweets beads the way I am, she makes the most divine cake and cupcake beads. I'm not sure that she has any for sale in her bead store at the moment, but you could always drop her a line - I'm sure she'd be happy to tell you about them!

Thanks for stopping by! The way things are right now, I should have new beads to show you tomorrow.


Fancy Pants said...

Melissa you are too kind. Thanks for writing me up on your blog. You are very sweet. I could not be luckier to have a friend like you. Thanks for all the sweet support along the way.

Monkee Maker said...

Mmmmm, sugary works of art - they look delicious!

Melissa said...

Don't they, though?

Best wishes to you, FP!!!

Fancy Pants said...

Thanks guys. I am blushing =)