Friday, October 5, 2007



These are Smooches buttons by Sarah Moran. I'm working on a little "kiss and tell" piece using one of these buttons. She makes Smooches beads, too, but a button will work better for what I have in mind - plus, buttons are what I have in my stash!

The Short One has been generating crumbs and general little debris in epic proportions lately, so I finally gave in and bought one of those little manual sweepers that restaurants use for, well, Short Ones and other messy eaters. It works fairly well - the only thing is that the S.O. thinks it's a new push toy. I feel a little conflicted about this. On the one hand, the Husband and I seriously considered attaching little dusters to his onesie in the days when he was crawling around, so he could multitask and sweep the floors while he played (nothing like getting them started young, I always say). So the fact that he actually wants to push a sweeper around the floor like a push toy seems quite efficient to me. On the other hand, he never seems to want to sweep the areas with the crumbs, so we end up squabbling over the sweeper in true playground fashion ("It's mine! " "No, it's mine!", etc. Hard to believe one of us is supposedly mature enough to be a parent, eh?). Ultimately, I suppose there's no harm in it, although I have caught him once or twice trying to dismantle the unit.

As you can probably tell by how even-more-boring-than-usual the blog entries have been this week, I've been a little preoccupied. The Husband has been traveling (he's due home in a few hours, calloo, callay) and everything seems much busier at home for Some Reason (read: SO might have something to do with it). Also, I've been trying to finish up another project for publication. I have such loose lips, it's hard from me not to show you everything right away, but I feel I need to restrain myself, at least until the the mag decides whether it wants the piece or not. Given that I still feel like more of an amateur hobbyist than anything else still, it's hard for me to start thinking more "professionally", but I guess I had better shape up and start learning the ropes. At least, I hope that will continue to be necessary!

Have a great weekend! I may be back for a short post over the weekend. Otherwise, I'll see you on Monday.


Monkee Maker said...

Hot lips!

I have a friend just like you - she never fully opens her book so that the bindings remain perfect.

And she flinches when I BEND. MINE. RIGHT. BACK.

...... sorry.

(Have fun with TH :) )

Fancy Pants said...
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Fancy Pants said...

I am with Monkee maker my books are opened right up. I can't wait wit see what you do with the lips.

Melissa said...

Augh, no, no, don't break the spines of your books!! You infidels!!