Monday, October 15, 2007


Hi, there! So, here's the new prototype pendant, as promised. I have had this wacky idea of making a firecracker necklace, so I've been fooling around with fine silver wire in my designs - something that can be beaded to resemble fireworks (well, I'm trying to make them resemble fireworks - you can tell me if you think this is actually working or not). The only problem with the prototype is - I'm using 20 gauge wire. Even after firing, it's still quite flexible. This is either an acceptably fragile piece or it's technically flawed, and I can't decide which right now. I'm wondering how much I could harden the metal by putting it in a tumbler with steel shot. Does anyone have any opinion on this?

BeadStyle has accepted the final piece from me for publication next July, so I no longer feel pressured to finish this piece on a deadline. Still, if I can work out the issues with the wire, I think it could look kind of neat-o. Also, I think it would make an over-the-top ring, although perhaps not so practical.

I beat out other buyers at Sarah Moran's Superstars bead sale last Thursday (which is not easy - you basically have to have an email all prepared to send, before the sale starts, just in case there's something during the sale that you would like to purchase. I always think of it as a Superstar Stampede...). I purchased the most amazing large-hole lampworked bead. It arrived today, and it is completely gorgeous. I'll post a photo tomorrow.

Thanks for all of the well-wishing comments, by the way. The Short One is definitely on the mend, and I've reached that irritating hacking cough stage which means I should be over my cold too, soon. The husband and I are still getting used to the sheer number of colds we've had in the house this year, but I guess that's life with the S.O., and we'd better get used to it!

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Fancy Pants said...

So glad to hear everyone is getting close to being back to better. Congrats on getting the bead!!! I like the new pendant it a reminds me of a volcano.

vickie said...

The fire cracker pendant is SO cool. You are indeed very creative. Luv it!

Melissa said...

Thanks! Husband said it looks like a sea anemone to him. Now I just need to stabilize the design a bit...