Monday, October 29, 2007

Let it Snow

Well, I've finally moved past Halloween and onto more winter-themed beads. Here are my first batch of snowflakes. I think at least one, possibly two, of these will make it into the shop. I chose a simple, Victorian-era snowflake design. Despite how straightforward it looks, it took me numerous tries to carve the stamp before I had two sizes that I felt I could use. After applying the patina, I polished them to a high sheen. The patina in the recessed areas of the design really makes it pop. I think they will make attractive pendants. I will try to string one of them over the next couple days, to see how it looks.

I also made a little fortune cookie pendant, destined for the shop, and a new bezel design that I hope to fill with resin in the next couple days. So, new work is on the way.

The Short One's costume was a hit at the party yesterday. One enthusiastic grandmother threatened to take him home with her. By the end of the day, the SO had dribbled cracker crumbs and juice down the front of the sweater (more fool me for not bringing a bib - I don't know what I was thinking), but he had a good time. We finally bought all of our Halloween candy yesterday, too, and I'm afraid I may have succumbed to a Kit Kat or two (don't tell the Husband - he thinks the bags are all still unopened in the cupboards).

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vickie said...

These are really wonderful! What fun you must be having!