Monday, October 1, 2007

Simply The Thing I Am

It never fails - the end of the month comes and at 9:30pm I decide that it would be perfectly feasible to design and string just one more piece for the Art Bead Scene Monthly Challenge. Yep. Here it is - not bad, eh? The silver focal bead is by Anne Choi. The quote is from "All's Well That Ends Well": Simply the thing I am shall make me live. The pear and coordinating green accent beads are by Melanie Lukacs of Earthenwood Studio. I chose a pear, not for any particular symbolism, but simply because the fruit theme and fresh green color seemed very positive and life affirming. Light green and violet is one of my favorite color combinations, so I decided to combine the ceramic beads with amethyst. I finished the piece with sterling flowers and spacers, violet and purple seed beads, olive green Swarovski crystals and a slightly floral-themed toggle clasp. I ended up finishing the piece at 10:52, raced around like a madwoman and took a truly awful photo and uploaded it to Art Bead Scene at 10:58 (11:58pm Eastern time - I'm never quite sure which time zone to apply for them). No sweat.

I keep meaning to show you the Short One's Halloween costume hat, but inevitably I forget to get it out of his closet before he goes to sleep. Maybe tomorrow. Can you believe it's October already? Of course, the stores around here already have Christmas displays up - it's truly annoying. Whatever happened to waiting until after Halloween, much less after Thanksgiving, to start selling Christmas?

Thanks for stopping by!


vickie said...

Glad you are having fun! I've been working on Christmas projects for a couple weeks now. The "selling" of Christmas comes earlier and earlier each year now.

Melissa said...

I don't know, it just doesn't seem right...