Tuesday, October 23, 2007

My Documents

I tried to embed this from YouTube last week and failed completely, so I'm going to try again. Once again, the Husband's geeky interesting websites brought up a winner. This clip is clearly an homage to Abbott and Costello's "Who's on First" and is really for anyone who's ever worked in an office in these tech savvy times. I remember at my first real "career" job after leaving school, one of the partner's at the firm could not figure out how to turn his computer on and had to have his secretary come in and do it every morning for him. I imagine he's retired by now, but I do wonder how he coped with our ultimate reliance on email (business was not conducted by email at the time) and gadgets like CrackBlackberrys (Blackberries? That just doesn't look right).

I suppose I've dated myself somewhat with that statement. I remember talking with one of our teenage summer interns a few years ago. You should have seen the look on her face when I explained that not only did the Internet not exist (in the form we know it now, at least), personal computers did not exist for part of my childhood. Yes, I did feel like a caveperson during that conversation. Ah, Pong, I remember it fondly. And the Merlin game. Anyone remember electronic football and Merlin? You know, the one with the jingle: "Where's Merlin, where did he go? Janey's got him playing Tic-Tac-Toe..." I can't believe I remember that.

I sat down last night and finally wrote the pattern for the Short One's costume/sweater. It should be fairly straightforward (although it was interesting to flip through my knitting notebook and check his current dimensions against the last time I made him a sweater, in the spring - they grow so fast). I haven't cast on yet, but I'm still hoping it won't take more than a couple days to finish and won't require a late night mad dash session to finish. Can you tell I'm an inveterate procrastinator?

Many thanks to Monkee Maker for the tip on how to create strike-throughs. I feel so technically savvy, now!

Sorry for the absence of beads in this post. I'll get back on the ball, tomorrow. Really.

Thanks for stopping by!


Monkee Maker said...

You're more than welcome.

And ooh. Tough choice. I like both Strands of beads and Melissa beads so haven't voted yet .... think I can only vote once so I need to ponder on it!

*melanie* earthenwood studio said...

Ack! That was funny! And it is interesting being witness to the whoel computer evolution from my childhood to now. I am soon to be 34.

I remember how exiting it was to load "pitfall" onto our computer on a cassette tape thingy, and it took like an hour to load up. It's crazy how high tech kids are today, and the things they can do.

Melissa said...

Well, I'm glad to have your input on the issue, MM!

Melanie - oh, so you're just sufficiently younger than me that you probably don't remember a time before personal computers, right? Although those early models were expensive and not too many people had them, I suppose. I think I was 10 when the TRS80 and the first Apple hit the market... It is amazing how much life has changed, because of them...