Monday, October 22, 2007

Urk...the Failure

I'm actually not all that keen to show this to you, as I think it looks pretty terrible, but here's the other version of the cobweb - the one that I think doesn't work. I wanted to try to make an openwork, lacy version of the cobweb with the thought that I could dangle Halloween-themed beads from the "strands". There are several different types of metal clay, including a paste type that you use with a syringe. In a way it's similar to frosting that you apply with a pastry bag (what's the technical term for this? It's slipped my mind, like so much else). I basically attempted to draw this cobweb using the syringe. My hand shook like anything, and I ended up getting little globby bits of PMC everywhere. Then the green clay (ie, clay before it's been fired) was so fragile that it kept breaking off. After a few repairs, I just thought "#@$^%!!" and decided to toss it in the kiln with the rest of the load to get a ballpark idea of how something like this could turn out, it it were actually done well. I kept thinking, where's Fancy Pants when I need her (you may recall from my previous post that she is a cake decorator extraordinaire)? I think Rachel would do an absolutely brillant job making these. Me, not so much, although maybe I could improve a little with practice. Now, don't say I don't reveal all, even the stuff I'd rather not!

As some of you have already noticed, I've put up a poll in the upper right hand corner of the blog. I've been thinking of setting up a real website, and I'm trying to come up with a name for it. As I mention in the poll preface, is already registered and is a porn site, so using my name is out. (While other variations, like using my full name or middle initial are still available, I'm worried about how much traffic would mistakenly go to the porn site, so I've decided to avoid those options.) Anyway, I would greatly appreciate your input regarding a memorable name for the site. So far, it seems folks prefer just leaving it "strands of beads". I guess this would be fine - I actually chose this name ad hoc. I knew I had to start a blog for the Collaboration Exploration and felt that if I didn't do it immediately, I would never actually start one. In retrospect, I wish I had chosen something with a little more, well, zing or panache or something. I mean, to those who voted for it - do you really like it or is it just an issue of being accustomed to the name already? Just curious.

Alternatively, if you don't like any of the names in the poll and have something else to suggest, please feel free to post something. Thanks for taking the time to respond, either way!

I finally remembered to take my ball winder and swift from the Short One's closet, where I've been storing it (there's space in there - his clothes are all so conveniently short still). Now I have this heap of blue yarn sitting in the living room reproachfully, wondering why it's not a monster sweater/costume yet. I suppose I should go wind some of it.

Thanks for stopping by!


vickie said...

I voted for "strands." I like it. Also, the web doesn't look all that bad; spooky enuff for halloween; looks redeemable to me!

Fancy Pants said...

I can not tell you how long it took me to be able to write on a cake decently. Really !!! The very beginning of my sugar path started a wrapper in a bakery at night after everyone would leave I would practice my writing again and again that and illegally ice cakes. So I'd say you did a wonderful job!

Melissa said...

Thanks! I probably will try the technique again, although maybe not a cobweb design. I have to move on to other holidays at some point...