Thursday, October 25, 2007


I was originally going to try to wait until I finished this piece before revealing this particular charm, but the way my schedule is shaping up, it may take me longer to finish this than I had hoped. So, here's my latest charm and probably the best magic trick I've ever performed.

Last spring I bought a set of beads from lampwork artist Jena Fulcher from her fabulously colorful Cabana Boy series. Due to the time of year, the set included an Easter bunny bead. Now, although I love Halloween beads, I'm not generally as fond of other holiday beads, including Easter beads. So the bunny has been sitting around in my stash, as I really had no idea what to do with him. For reasons that will be clear once I finish this project, it finally occurred to me that the bead didn't have to be an Easter bunny bead at all. So, with a twist of my, er, clay roller and a wave of the craft knife, I turned him into a magician's bunny. Not bad, eh? I think he looks pretty cute this way.

Ooof, I am up to 7.5 inches on the costume/sweater. I'll be dividing for the armholes pretty soon. I'm hoping to make some theme buttons from polymer clay, but I'm wondering if I'll really have the time. We'll see how it goes.

In the meantime, the Short One and I strolled downtown today to have lunch out and discovered that our town was having it's merchant's trick-or-treat today. I must have missed the notice when it went out. Our town has fun holiday activities and the Halloween ones included a hay ride, pony ride, pumpkin decorating, bouncy castle and a few other older activities that the SO is just, well, too short for, right now. He did go on the pony ride, but he was singularly unimpressed by it, I'm afraid (the pony seemed rather resigned to the whole affair, as well). The SO does not eat candy (yet - I'm sure the days of innocence will be over pretty soon), so we didn't participate in the trick-or-treat, but I think he did enjoy watching all of the big kids running around in costume. (I don't think he realizes yet that his day of being crammed into a monster costume that Mama made is coming yet, or he might not have been quite so sanguine about the whole affair.)

I still can't believe that Halloween is this week. Where did the year go???

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