Friday, September 28, 2007

What's Wrong With This Picture?

I got ambitious and decided to try stringing one other piece that has been sitting in a project bag all month. I dropped the @$%#$^ thing three times, all over the carpet (I still have to hunt for a few more Swarovski crystals before Someone Else gets to them). After much gnashing of teeth, I finally finished the piece, tried it on for size and realized.... Can you tell what's wrong with it? Aarrrgh. I give up - I'll fix it tomorrow. I'm going to bed. Oh, by the way, the skull focal, button and the black and white disc are by Michele Goldstein. The graphic hearts and round beads are by Dawn White. I added Swarovski crystals, black seed beads and Czech glass. Good night.

ps. Lest any new readers think that all I ever do is skulls, I plan to resume work on my little ice cream beads, and cuter and sweeter stuff generally, soon. This will probably be the last skull piece of the season.


Fancy Pants said...

I love this love love love this. I personally think there is nothing wrong with skulls at all. Cuter than ever Melissa. Really it's stunning!!! If I lived closer this would be one of the ones you would have to lock up and hide when I would come to visit. =)

*melanie* earthenwood studio said...

mmm...I love this one! LOVE the black and white, it lokks like graffiti. And that spash of purply pink with the skull. So dramatic!

I can't figure out what is wrong thoug? Maybe the last bead on the right has an upside down heart? Or is the count off somewhere? I hate when I do that.

Melissa said...

Yep, the heart is upside down - it wouldn't be so bad if I intended to do that, but I was really just rushing to finish last night. Sigh. Dawn White's black and white graphic beads are the best - I love them. I thought they'd go well with Michele Goldstein's beads, and I think they do!