Saturday, September 29, 2007

Curse of the Love Necklace

I'm convinced that this project is cursed. I finally sat down at the table today to re-string it - and dropped the whole thing once again, onto the floor. On the third try, I discovered that I had cut my wire about 2 inches too short. On the fourth try, I mis-crimped the crimp, so that I couldn't fold it over properly. On the fifth try, I somehow managed to make the loop part of the clasp slightly too small, so that it wouldn't fit over the bead. FINALLY, on the sixth try, I finished it. Of course, now I'm too scared to wear it, given all of that bad mojo. It looks nice, though, don't you think? Once again, the skull focal, button and black and white disc are by Michele Goldstein and the black and white graphic hearts and round beads are by Dawn White. Mmm, I love these beads.

Thanks for stopping by!

ps. For those wondering what was wrong with the original necklace - the rightmost heart (in the photo) was upside down.

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vickie said...

LOL-been there, done that! Hang in there!