Friday, September 14, 2007

Flashing the Stash

This weekend is bead show weekend where I live - always a happy prospect. In an effort to stay focused, I'm digging up my works-in-progress and making a list of components I need for same and a list of exhibitors I really need to visit. It's hard, though. The minute I enter through the doorway of any bead show, my eyes glaze over, my heart palpitates and, well, I must shamefully admit, self-control goes out the window. Then again, years of indoctrination by the Husband have pretty much cured me of my desire to shop in almost any other venue (yarn stores and shows excepted), so I feel in my heart of hearts that perhaps it's okay to feed my addiction in just this one case? Okay, okay, truthfully, I also react this way to milk chocolate and pretty much any flavor of Ben & Jerry's ice cream, but surely that's a completely different issue?

Anyway, in the photo, from the top going clockwise are: 1) Dead Head pendant by Joan Miller and Penny Michelle (sometime I will show you the back of this pendant - it has the most amazing flowers and vines), 2) Sleeping Fairy by Earthenwood Studio, and 3) Lilly Drops by Green Girl Studios. These were in my current project bags and they're all missing certain components that I'm hoping to find at the show. In the meantime, I'm just flashing my stash at you a little.

Is anyone else here a Roches fan? The Short One and I have been listening to "Peter, Paul and Mommy", and it made me think of other groups with wonderful vocals and harmonies, which made me think of the Roches, which in turn made me think of their single, "The Hammond Song", one of my all time favorite ballads. The Roches are amazingly wonderful - there's a video clip of them performing the song in 1983 on "Soundstage". Please go here to view it - the clothing, hair and makeup may be dated, but the sound is wonderful.

I hope everyone has a great weekend!

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