Friday, September 28, 2007


Well, I'd been wanting to string one or two more pieces for Art Bead Scene's "When Beads Collide" Challenge (use art beads from two or more artists in a single piece), and these beads had been sitting in a project bag all month waiting for me to try to string them. I decided to use a bag of sterling silver tube beads that I picked up earlier this year at a show for cheap. Tube beads are not really the kind of beads I usually use, and I'm on the fence about how this piece turned out. I think the tubes go well with Alicia Abla's sticky mosaica pendant, but I'm not sure I really made the best use I could have of Jenn Kelly's lovely set of lampworked beads. I think the piece looks nice and summery, it is light and extremely comfortable to wear. Still... I can't decide if I just need to get used to the look of the tube beads or if I just didn't hit the mark on this one. I guess time will tell. Anyway, I finished the piece with the tube beads, olive Swarovski crystals and a simple sterling hook clasp.

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