Wednesday, September 12, 2007

I've been seen at Art Bead Scene!

A while back I was asked by the wonderful artists who run Art Bead Scene to agree to be interviewed as a jewelry designer. After I picked myself up off the floor and managed to close my jaw, I agreed. I've been informed that the interview is up on their website today. Please go here to read it.

In case you don't already know from reading this blog, I love Art Bead Scene. I started working with metal clay seriously (or as seriously as I do, right now, I should say) due to the Art Bead Scene monthly challenges. They are very generous folks. Thank you to all at Art Bead Scene!

(Just between you and me, I still can't get over the feeling that calling me a jewelry designer is kind of like calling the kid who plays dress up with Mommy's clothes a clothing designer, though.)

Oh, by the way, the photo is of the original version of a sundae ring I made a couple months ago. This is one of the projects I'm hoping to get back to in the next few weeks. The sundae is Moretti/Effetre glass and the ring is PMC3.


Monkee Maker said...

Wow, how cool to be interviewed! And there were some lovely pictures of your work .... I particularly like the banana split focal bead! (How strange!)

Melissa said...

:) I've been thinking of trying to make a lampworked banana (my son really loves them, too!), but I just haven't had the time so far.