Thursday, September 13, 2007

Even more good news

Yesterday was definitely a good day for me. Thanks to everyone who took the time to read my interview at Art Bead Scene. On top of the article being published, I received word from BeadStyle that they have decided to give me the whole gallery section of the July 2008 issue - it's a two-page spread, usually featuring three artists' work. I'm am pretty chuffed about this!! (If you are unfamiliar with the word "chuffed", please see my August 28th entry.) The only downside is - I don't have a third piece for publication!!! Ack. I spent last night choking over my design sketchbook and unable to come up with anything viable - so typical. I have until February before all of the pieces have to be in to be photographed, so I have time, but I need at least a few summer-themed pieces to submit for consideration before then. And here I was, all ready for the fall...

The above photo is of an older piece. Once again, all beads except plain spacers are by Michele Goldstein. The spacers are mine and are some of the first lampworked beads I ever made. I'm still quite fond of this one, and I find it appeals to a broad range of people - from the folks at my local glass studio (who loved Michele's beads - and who can blame them?), to the lady at the register of the grocery where I shop - to the child at the play class the Short One attends who tugged at my neck for a full fifteen minutes when, in a fit of over-optimism, I wore it to class. You may notice that it bears a bit of similarity to the necklace that I submitted to Stringing Magazine for their design challenge (please vote! voting ends next Monday! - a shameless plug, I know). This necklace design was the original.

Thanks so much for stopping by!

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