Friday, September 28, 2007


Okay, before we get to the topic of today's entry, did you note the new Way Cool Banner on my blog? Did you? Go look, go look!! This was a surprise from Rachel, aka Fancy Pants. Last night, she emailed me and told me to look in her flickr account where I found my new banner. Rachel is busy with her own brand new blog, Sugar Toppers. She was doing some work on her blog and decided to create a new banner for me, too, while she was working on it. Wasn't that nice of her? Thank you, Rachel! (By the way, if you are a sugar-head the way I am, you should so go look at her blog right now - she has the most fabulous cupcake designs you will ever see in your life. My favorite is the one that looks like a cupcake topped with elaborate quilling - believe me, you'll know it when you see it.)

Now, back to our topic. I was working on the Bead Exploration Collaboration last night and I ran out of eyepins, so I was forced to stop by the local bead shop to pick up those and a few more items today. As you can imagine, this was an extreme hardship for me (the LBS is a ten minute walk from my house), as was discovering that the owners had replenished the 50% off table that they so cunningly place right by the entrance to the store, where no one could possibly miss it. In a fit of self-control, I walked right past it while averting my eyes, as I really did need a few things to finish the BEC pieces (which will be published on the blog on Sunday, incidentally). However, once I had everything on my shopping list in my paws, I raced back to the sale table and ended up finding the strand pictured above. Do you know what this is? I didn't. At first, I thought it was some kind of exotic shell. I finally asked one of the ladies working there who informed me that it's dragonskin jasper. I love it. I love the name, love the beautiful mottled design of the stone. I have never ever heard of dragonskin jasper before. So I appeal to you fellow beadheads - anyone have any information on this stone? Upon close inspection, the mottled design gives off an almost cellular feel, as if this stone grew like quartz. Anyone have any idea? I feel this strand would be perfect for the summer necklace I'm supposed to be creating for Beadstyle, if only I could get my act together.

Have a great weekend, everyone! Thanks for stopping by.

ps. D'oh, as soon as I finished writing this, flickr went down, and the new Way Cool Banner is now unavailable. How annoying. Hopefully it will be back up by the time you read this.


Vickie said...

I googled it: also called congromerate jasper and "puddingstone." Weird, huh, but beautiful!

Melissa said...

Wow, I like "puddingstone" (although I can't quite see where the name comes from). Thanks for looking it up!