Saturday, September 29, 2007


Well, apparently the necklace really was cursed. I made the mistake of wearing it today, and the Short One and I had a big disagreement about the appropriate time to leave the park to go home for dinner this evening - the focal was the casualty. Needless to say 1) it was completely my fault for being silly enough to wear something like this while taking care of the S.O. and 2) I'm grateful that the S.O. wasn't injured by the broken glass. Still, it was a costly mistake. Sigh. If Michele Goldstein is willing to re-make the bead for me, I will re-do it. If not, this piece is going to go by the wayside. I do find it ironic that the one time in my life I start designing and making jewelry seriously, I can't actually wear any of it!!!

Okay, Melanie, Heather and I are posting our creations from the Bead Exploration Collaboration tomorrow, so please come back to see those! Have a good night.


Monkee Maker said...

Oh dear. I know nothing about making jewellery but if it can't be fixed could you maybe break off the other bits and smooth it around? It would be a shame to lose it all.

(Like I said though ..... I know nothing!)

Melissa said...

Yes, you are right, MM. If I use the big lap grinder at the local glass studio, I may be able to salvage the bead. I'm keeping it in a box until I have the opportunity to go and consult with someone there. Thanks for the apt suggestion!!

vickie said...

I know from my own experience, that that is all part of the process sometimes. Yes, it can be frustrating but I bet you figure something out!