Friday, October 31, 2008

Seven More Random Facts

I've been tagged by Maria Grimes! (Actually I was tagged by Carter Seibels, too, last week and I took a pass, since I'd done it so recently - so this is for Carter, too.) Here are the rules:

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2. Share 7 facts about yourself - some random, some WEIRD.
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Okay, seven (more) random facts about me:

1. I am a procrastinator (and possibly a little masochistic that way). I work best under pressure and under deadline. If I don't have an impending deadline and just slightly less time than I actually need to finish something, I just don't work as efficiently. I used to take all-nighters all the time as a student.
2. While I don't really follow/believe in astrological signs, I still consider myself a classic Gemini - unpredictible and a blend of contrasts - outgoing yet pathologically shy, verbal yet quiet, etc. I'm a little hard to live with - but you'd have to ask the Husband, and he'll probably lie and say it's not true (if he knows what's good for him).
3. Back in the early 90s in England, when I was living in Brighton, there was a company that used to sell "savoury peanut butter" - a spicy rather than sweet peanut butter. I LOVE this stuff. Unfortunately, I think it's been discontinued (and you can't get it in the US anyway, sigh).
4. I am a cheap date - I have no tolerance for alcohol. After 1 drink, my face turns red, I start feeling dizzy, etc. This has always been a social nuisance, both personally and professionally, for me. I was so happy when I got pregnant and no longer needed an excuse for not drinking. Since the SO arrived, I've given up and just tell people that I don't drink.
5. This one has been on my mind recently, given the time of year - I have no idea how to cook a Thanksgiving turkey. I didn't learn how to cook until I graduated from college (it's one of the reasons I cook with the SO now - it's an important life skill!). I can cook a decent variety of dishes now, and I enjoy baking, but I've never done a bird. We never had it at home when I was growing up, either (I always requested Korean food, instead). I live in fear of the day that the SO is old enough to want a traditional Thanksgiving dinner.
6. I am a packrat - I save EVERYTHING. Mix that in with my husband's clutter and the SO's toys and, well, you could say we tend towards piles of stuff in this house. (I don't really like to admit this, but it's true.) I always say I am going to try to do better, but so far I haven't made much headway.
7. I love genre fiction - I read everything except Westerns. Science fiction is a favorite, but I also love mystery novels. I'm the type of reader who can't go to sleep on a cliffhanger - if it's exciting, I have been known to stay up until 5am to finish a book.

There you have it. Seven more random facts about me. Here's a list of my victi - er, the lovely people I am tagging in turn:

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Thanks for visiting and - Happy Halloween!! (Note the Short One's efficient use of his feet in the artwork above.)

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Anonymous said...

I love reading these! These are the kinds of things you know about your best it's nice to read them about blogging friends, who you've never even met!

And I love the ghost feet ;)