Thursday, October 16, 2008

Gone Knittin'

I have to face facts - the Short One's Halloween costume is simply not getting knit. I need to sit down and devote a few nights (the SO attacks yarn with the enthusiasm of a herd of cats, so I can only knit when he's asleep) to nothing but knitting. By the way, I'm aware I probably don't need a 1.2 lb cone of Crystal Palace chenille to knit a vest for someone less than three feet tall, but this was all I had in cotton in the right (sort of - I wanted black) color. This is just the gauge swatch, too - I have to write up the pattern still. Considering that the only piece that's done so far is the parrot, and that he is supposed to start wearing the costume next weekend, I feel it's probably time to start panicking - which I do very well, thank you.

So, I will be back to post the usual Bead & Jewelry Link Love this weekend, but if you otherwise don't see me around early next week, that'll be why. On the other hand, hopefully, I'll have a cute costume to show off for my pains in a few days.

Thanks for visiting and take care!


Amanda said...

Okay, well, it's a giant cone of black chenille, so even if you don't need all of it for Short One's costume, at least the leftovers will be good for making something nice and soft. (:

Don't panic! (Or forget your towel.) You can get the knitting done, just sit down and do your best!

Melissa J. Lee said...

Thanks! I may panic, but I always know where my towel is. ;)

Anonymous said...

Hi Melissa-
I've tagged you in a blog tag. If you want to play, visit my blog!