Thursday, June 2, 2016

Video Games Are Life

Since the end of the school year is approaching, the SO has started to bring home all of his artwork.  He handed this to me today.  Apparently, the art teacher told his class that they should use the clay to make something they like, something that represents them.  Note the super-duper special big button on the right in blue.  He calls it "XBox Controller."  I call it "My Son Plays Too Many Video Games."  Incidentally, he didn't score that big blue button when he added it to the piece and it popped off in the kiln (I just propped it back on for the photo.)  Does anyone have any suggestions on how best to glue it back in place (if anyone is still reading this after so many years of dormancy and, y'know, non-jewelry-making)?!?  Your input would be greatly appreciated!