Monday, April 16, 2012

Easter Egg Maracas

I went to Target this morning for sundries and discovered that the store has marked down all Easter supplies to 90% off original price.  The section was mostly picked through, but they had a ton of plastic Easter eggs left for a whopping $.09 per bag.  Hmmm, I thought, Martian figures?  (one of the bags had a nice selection of eggs in greens and blues)  Caterpillars? I picked up a bunch and put on my thinking cap when I got home.

I've decided they'll make great kids' maracas for cinco de mayo.  I obtained the go-ahead from the SO's teachers at lunchtime and mocked this up.  Cute, eh?  I made the design with Sharpie markers on a white plastic egg.  These eggs conveniently have 2 holes on either end, so I simply threaded 2 long pipe cleaners through the holes and then folded them (so the pipe cleaners are in quarters), twisted them, then secured the join with hot glue.  Add a spoonful of rice and beans (and maybe hot glue the egg closed to avoid accidents), and you have a simple schoolroom craft.  I think the kids will go for it - what do you think?