Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Australian Beading Magazine - Even More Shameless Self-Promotion

Yep, two straight days of shameless self-promotion. I hope you will excuse the excess on my part. This one is special to me, as it's my first appearance in a non-U.S.-based magazine. The lovely Jean Yates writes a column for Australian Beading Magazine (I was not able to find a website for the magazine - does anyone know if there is one?), and she asked me if I would be willing to be featured one month. Being of (mostly) sound mind, I said "YES!" The article is out this month, and it is lovely. Jean is such a wonderful writer, and she makes anyone about whom she writes look so, so good. Thank you so much, Jean - I feel like a rock star!

Jean also wrote a wonderful review of Jennifer Heynen's new book Ceramic Bead Jewelry: 30 Fired & Inspired Projects, and I just found out that my friend Mary Harding is also profiled in the issue! Australian Beading Magazine is unfortunately not yet available in the United States (although I believe that will change shortly). For any readers who live in a country where it is available, please do check out the issue. I would love to hear what you think.

Thanks for visiting!


Jean Katherine Baldridge said...

Thank you Melissa, for mentioning me. You are so sweet!

It was great to write about you and your amazingly creative beads!


Unknown said...

You are so Talented thus you DESERVE to be on the cover of a any magazine! I am really happy for you!
Janet x

Anonymous said...

Excellent. Am heading out to buy it now. BTW the mag doesnt have a website. Its only presence on the web is subscription signup. Its only relatively new though (like a year and a half - 2 years).

Melissa J. Lee said...

Jean, thank you so much! The article is so beautiful.

Janet - thank you! (I'm not on the cover, but it's still pretty exciting!)

Leisa - thanks for the information! It seems like a great publication. I hope it's available in the US soon. Please let me know what you think when you get it!