Sunday, November 2, 2008

Bead and Jewelry Link Love

As you can see, it was make-a-silly-hat day at our house this week. Did everyone have a fun Halloween? The Short One was completely beside himself as all of these strangely dressed kids came up to his house and took the brightly colored things in the bowl that his Mommy wouldn't let him touch. He spent twenty minutes putting on his shoes, taking them off, putting them back on and staring out the back window waiting for Daddy to show up to take him trick-or-treating. And to think we actually were considering not going trick-or-treating at all, since the SO doesn't eat c-a-n-d-y yet.

H and I had discussed how to handle the whole candy issue and had settled on a little quid pro quo for the SO. While he was excitedly dragging H around the neighborhood, I wrapped a little Playmobil race car and driver in white tissue paper and pasted on two black construction paper circles and a smiley face to make a ghost. When the SO came home, we negotiated a trade - the brightly colored thingys in the SO's pumpkin basket for a present from the Great Pumpkin. It worked (huzzah)! The SO clearly felt that a new toy was much better than some brightly colored pieces of paper with lumpy things inside. I imagine that this little trick-for-a-treat will only work this year, but I also imagine he will have a very good idea what c-a-n-d-y is by next year anyway, so it will all be a moot point.

Anyway, here are your intriguing bead and jewelry links for the week:

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Anonymous said...

Ha ha - what a clever trick with the sweets .... I think you're right though - next year he may get wise to you .... you'll have to make the swap prize even bigger!

Loving the little feet ghosts in your last post!