Sunday, November 11, 2007

Shhh! Don't tell the Short One

So, as I may have mentioned (the past two days are a blur of sleep-deprivation right now), I received a couple nice surprises in the mail on Friday. The first two were these packages that arrived from Bristol, England. (I wish I'd thought to take a photo of the outer package, as well, which was nicely decorated enough evidently to prompt the postal worker in England to warn the sender that it might not make it through Customs. Clearly, any Customs officer would want such a stunning parcel for him or herself, and that's even without knowing what wonderful stuff lay within.) Actually, there were three packages, the third being some Cadbury Roses - one of my favorite chocolates of all time - but they're long gone now.

Here's a hint as to what was inside these nicely wrapped packages. Can you guess? Whatever it is, seems to have come from Monkee Maker and seems to have a cute, plushie bottom.

Ah, yes, it's HP14! Hullo, HP14 - welcome to the U.S. But what are you holding there?

Oh, look, it's another monkee - HP4. Welcome HP4! I invited these two English monkees to come live with us, as I felt the Short One could use a few more monkeys, not to mention monkees, in his life. I bought two from MM (thank you MM!), so the SO and I wouldn't squabble over who gets to play with the monkee. While HP14 and HP4 don't really look all that related (except in that general monkee kind of way), I have to admit that I see them kind of as parent and child - HP14 as the sensible, all-knowing, always-right parent and HP4 as the little rascal who runs around mushing bananas in the carpet and squealing a lot. Er, not that I know anyone like that, of course.

I'm sure HP14 and HP4 will be back, but not until after the holidays. In particular, I've asked them to make themselves at home in the hall closet until Christmas. They don't really make all that convincing telephone books, but they're in a bag - hopefully no-one will notice they're there for the time being. So, please keep them a secret from the Short One, okay?

By the way, all of the background art in the above photos was provided by the SO.

Thanks for stopping by!

ps I've switched out most of the fuzzy, off-center photos in my Etsy store. More on this later.


Rachel said...

So cute, I just love those monkees. Mrs Maker you have indeed out done your self. Happy Monday Every One!!!

Monkee Maker said...

I won't tell, I promise!

I'm so glad the monkees made it over the pond safely, and I hope you'll all be very happy together :)

And the SO's artwork is fab!

ps. Thanks fancy pants, you're too kind!

the vicious chicken said...

My lips are sealed - the SO will hear nothing from me :o)

I'm very pleased to see you now have monkees - but how can you leave them stuffed in a bag until Christmas? I know I couldn't be so restrained!

Melissa J. Lee said...

Au contraire, I think every household needs a bag o' monkees. Well, okay, it would be nice if they could come out now and then. In truth, they may come out over Thanksgiving. It's my folks' turn for Thanksgiving this year, and they've decided to give the SO his Christmas gifts then. So, if the monkees really rally, they'll be out of the bag by the end of the month.