Friday, November 16, 2007

Apple of My Eye

Here's one of the new designs I'm developing. Isn't the apple too cute? It's by lampwork artist Melanie Egan. She usually just sells specials from time to time, but she opened up the apples for ordering one day, and I managed to grab a few. There's a Granny Smith version, too. Anyway, I thought the checkerboard would make a nice basket pattern. The only thing I'm debating is whether to add tinted resin (a light gold color for the basket), add patina to the silver (ditto - light gold color for the basket) or just leave it the way it is and epoxy the bead onto the bezel. I'm leaning towards the last option at the moment. I kind of think it looks cute right now. As Vickie pointed out to me earlier, sometimes simple is the best. This pendant will go into the store, but I will probably have to make a full necklace down the road. I think this would look super-cute strung with glass leaves, either green or in autumn colors, or strung with a nice strand of peridot.

The Short One has been complaining quite a bit lately about the quality of the cuisine in this establishment. The chef (aka Mama, aka Yours Truly) has never really gotten over the fact that the SO no longer "eats like a pig" (the SO's pediatrician's words about infants in general, not mine). Oh, for the days when he would gobble down anything I put in front of him. Oh, for the days when he would even at least profess consistent likes and dislikes in his food. Now the favorite of one meal is the "what's this stuff?" of the next. Somebody please tell me when they grow out of this phase?!? I hope it's soon. The Husband once told me that when he was a child, he would stuff all of the vegetables he didn't like into the crack of the dining room table (where the leaf met the table). Apparently, his parents never cottoned on to what he was doing until, several years later when they were preparing to move, they discovered a trove of little dessicated peas and veggies upon dismantling the table.

Have a great weekend, everyone. I'll see you on Monday!

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Anonymous said...

I'm starting to think kids don't grow out of that phase until they have to start cooking on their own! Mine still question me about whether the food I put on the plate is actually edible.

Hollister, CA

Melissa J. Lee said...

I was sort of afraid you would say that. Well, his Dad cooks, so I'm hoping the SO picks it up from him - so maybe his cooking days will start earlier rather than later...