Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Here, Monkee, Monkee, Monkee

I started out with three perfectly ripe bananas, but by the time I grabbed the camera and returned to the kitchen, there were only two bananas. No one here is talking, but since the S.O. doesn't peel his own bananas (some people peel grapes - I peel bananas for my loved ones), I assume my husband nicked it when I wasn't looking (who does he think he is, anyway?). Still, I'm hoping that the two look enticing enough to convince the cute monkee backpack that currently lives in Bristol, England to come live with us. Not only do I read knitting blogs, I read blogs primarily devoted to knitted primates. As a friend of mine who recently starting reading this blog commented, "Who knew how badly the world needed a monkey-knitting blogger?" Even if you aren't a knitter, Monkee Maker's blog is wonderful. You might want to check it out.

Monkee Maker's blog also reminds me how much I miss England. I spent two years there on the South Coast, doing postgraduate work in English Renaissance Literature a long time ago. I love England - I love the people, the culture, and especially the vernacular! English slang is so much more colorful and appropriate than a lot of American slang in my opinion. I like words like "chuffed" and "snogging".

I remember "The New Yorker" had an interview with Daniel Day-Lewis a while back in which he was quoted as being "chuffed" about something. The magazine apparently received so many letters from readers about it, that they published a little statement in the next issue that "chuffed" was not in fact a typo, but was an English saying for being excited. The closest equivalents I can think of on this side of the pond are words like "psyched", "stoked", "pumped". I don't know, though -I still like "chuffed" better. It goes without saying that I would far rather engage in "snogging" than "necking", as well.

The husband, S.O. and I are heading out of town for the Labor Day holiday. Given that the last time we took a vacation, the S.O. barely slept 4 hours a night and voiced his displeasure quite, er, vociferously whenever I tried to put him to bed, I'm not so much looking forward to this trip as girding my loins, if you'll forgive the expression. I may have time for one more post tomorrow, but, if not - have a great week. I'll see you in a few days.


Monkee Maker said...

Gosh, thanks for the mention - I'm chuffed that you like my monkey blog!

And nice try with the bananas; we'll see tomorrow whether the banana vibes helped or not!

Hope you have a happy holiday.

Melissa J. Lee said...

I couldn't help myself. Really, though, I never win these types of things - I'll just keep enjoying the adventures of 007 and the crew!

Hope you are having a great holiday as well.