Monday, August 27, 2007

Debi Cogwell

Well, I was trying to save this until October to show you, but I've been thinking about Halloween-themed pieces recently, and I just couldn't resist flashing my Halloween bead stash a little. I love over-the-top Halloween beads, and, to my mind, no one does them better than Debi Cogwell, aka, The Palm Tree Queen. On top of this, Deb is really sympatico, which is always a plus, from my point of view. I love this bead. She had a photo of one in her gallery last year. When I had an opportunity to buy one, I snapped it up. This is probably the height of the season for Halloween beads. Please visit Debi's website to see what she has to offer now.

On the knitting front, I'm starting to think about my son's Halloween costume. I ordered some blue yarn to make him a sweater in the spring. When it arrived, the shade reminded me so much of the Short One's favorite monster (hint: "C is for Cookie"), that I saved it for this fall. I actually have a hat knit already, but it's in storage at the moment (also, who knows if it will fit now). I'll dig it out in the next couple weeks.

I can't believe that that time of year is approaching already. Am I the only one feeling a little depressed that the days are already starting to get shorter? I love autumn, but I really want to know where the time went and what the heck I was doing all summer (apart from, you know, chasing after a fast moving little target).

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