Thursday, September 3, 2009

Progress (And Lack Thereof)

I had so hoped to finish this piece before Labor Day weekend, and it's so very clear to me now that it's just not going to get done. Argh. has such a beautiful selection of colors in Swarovski crystal. I thought I'd at least show off what I acquired and what I'm working on before I head off for my holiday. The piece WILL be finished next week. I intend to let the Short One run his grandparents ragged while I sit in the corner and bead. It's my proposed strategy at least.

I hope everyone has a great weekend.

ADDENDUM: I just found out that is offering a 20% off coupon valid over Labor Day Weekend. There are requirements: a $60.00 minimum purchase and you have to sign up for their newsletter. However, the coupon code is good for anything in the store. Like their beautiful hand-painted Russian pendants, for example (drool, drool). Go here if you are interested in signing up for the newsletter.


Christina J. said...

That sounds like a great plan! :)

mairedodd said...

i love and when you know what the swarovski colors really look like (because sometimes the monitors mess that up) no one beats their selection... i have tons and they are so beautiful to look at! good luck getting your time, it's tough with little people!

TesoriTrovati said...

That piece looks yummy! I love the bright colors...and I will go check out Artbeads...I missed their last sale by a day and my cart got cleared out before I could hit order...and there were like 95 things in there at the end and it would be way too hard to try to recreate...and those Russian pendants are something I keep hovering over!
Enjoy the holiday!
P.S. good plan with the SO...isn't that why God made grandparents!?

SueBeads said...

I love how that bracelet is shaping up. I love those russian pendants too - expensive!!!!! Have fun!

Melissa J. Lee said...

Thanks, guys. I hope everyone had a relaxing Labor Day weekend!