Monday, February 2, 2009

Dream Catcher

It's cold and blustery here, there's still tons of snow on the ground (which has been lying there long enough to turn brown and icky) and Punxsutawney Phil saw his shadow. Darn it. So, in my usual state of denial, I'm closing my eyes, covering my ears and thinking firmly about spring.

Here's a new, simple piece for your review. Although it doesn't really look like one, it's inspired by dream catchers, those Native American pieces that resemble elaborate, embellished webs. As a child growing up in Oklahoma, I always loved the idea that dream catchers (which are to be hung above the bed) sift through the sleeper's dreams, catching the bad dreams and allowing the good dreams to pass through the center to slide down the (sometimes elaborately) woven beads and feathers onto the dreamer.

So the feather pendant in this necklace is a wish for good dreams. The slices of Sleeping Beauty turquoise (as in the SO's birthday giveaway necklace) represent the sky. White quartz suggests the propitious dreams. I finished the piece with cream silk cord and a sterling silver toggle clasp by Robert Jennick (the end caps are also by him). A nice piece for spring, right? Now if only I could dream of warmer weather - that would be a good dream.

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Anonymous said...

Just stunning! I love the calming, peaceful colors of turqouise and white, and the silk ribbon adds elegance. Your silver feather is gorgeous, as well!