Tuesday, May 13, 2008


I'm afraid my discussion of Mr. Potato Head will have to wait. I spent the evening writing up a project for one of the beading magazines. What I thought would take about an hour to finish took closer to five, due to technical difficulties (printer going off-line, losing data due to a computer lock-up, yada, yada). Sometimes I think the so-called modern conveniences are simply additional challenges to getting through the day sane. It never fails that whenever I have a deadline our network fails (after the Husband is in bed, of course, and I never wake him for stuff like this, no matter how much I'm tempted), and I spend hours rummaging around the computer trying to figure out what's wrong and ruminating on the good old days of MS-DOS, when I could actually understand how an operating system, well, operated. Or perhaps this is simply part of my about-to-turn-40 mentality.

But I digress. Anyway, this is also the first time I've had to take stepped out photos. Stepped out photos, for the uninitiated, are the little close-up shots you see in a beading magazine that clarify a certain difficult step in the instructions. My pieces really don't have difficult steps, but after discussing the issue with the editor, I took a couple stepped out shots of the piece, just in case. It'll be interesting to see if the magazine ends up using them.

My eyes are crossing, so I should probably finish the dishes and stagger up to bed. I can't remember whether I've shown this photo or not. As you can see, I've used the whole dragon heart motif on pretty much every kind of component I've been able to think of...

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