Thursday, May 8, 2008


I was rooting around in one of my "pending" drawers and came across this prototype. Last summer, I was trying to make a firecracker pendant with Czech glass strung on fine silver wire. This piece isn't terribly durable, but I still like the concept. It's one of the many ideas I hope to get back to this summer. (I feel terribly clever that I've procrastinated long enough on this project that I now look early for the summer, rather than hideously late.)

We have family arriving tomorrow, so I've spent the day tidying up a bit and generally getting ready. As I vacuumed, the Short One followed me around and covered whatever he could reach of me (posterior and legs, mostly) in stickers. I suppose it says something about how well the SO has me trained that I merely checked to see that the stickers were at the right height to be covered by my windbreaker upon leaving the house, rather than attemping to pull them all off (the latter course of action always results in vocal complaints from the artist/designer). One of the magazines in which I will have a couple projects this year publishes color photos of its designers and requires submission of a head shot with each project. I seriously considered sending in a photo of what I really look like - Portrait of a Mother in Stickers - but decided that it wouldn't suit the aura of professionalism and creativity that the magazine cultivates, so I ended up sending in a completely misleading, plain photo of me standing in front of a serious-looking bookcase, instead, which was the most professional-looking photograph I could muster up at 2am using Photo Booth (a sad statement on my level of procrastination, I suppose...).

I'm going to be taking a break from blogging tomorrow, since we have a house guest. I hope everyone has a great weekend!

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