Tuesday, May 6, 2008

True Love

Well, okay, okay, I actually designed this to be a winter piece, but I've decided not to wait until next year to post this, so I'm going to pretend it's a wedding piece, instead. It could work like that, right? Right? I'm quite fond of petal-shaped freshwater pearls. I think they fit a floral theme pretty well, here. My own wedding was so untraditional - barefoot on the beach in Hawaii (we also managed to schedule it the same weekend as the Iron Man competition, but that's another story) - I like to imagine a young bride wearing this with complete regalia: beaded white gown, veil, something borrowed, something blue, etc., etc.

As I run around tonight trying to get a bunch of chores done, I wonder for the nth time - HOW CAN SOMEONE SO SMALL GENERATE SO MUCH LAUNDRY? I think the SO went through five pairs of pants today, for various reasons. Hmmm. Looking at it that way, I suppose it's not such a mystery as to why I keep having loads-full of small socks, shirts and pants going in the wash. I'm still surprised by it, though. We had a nice warm day in the mid-70s today, and I let the SO wander around wearing a short-sleeved shirt for the first time this spring. He kept trying to pull the sleeves down to cover his arms and was completely puzzled as to why they wouldn't come down. It's a sad statement on how chilly it's been around here.

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Christina said...

Very pretty necklace.

They sure do generate a lot of laundry, don't they? My son was running around here yesterday yelling, "I'm free! I'm free!" When I asked him what he meant, he said that because he was wearing shorts and a t-shirt, he was finally free of wearing his jacket and heavy winter clothes. He's not free yet; it's supposed to be pretty chilly here tomorrow! :)

Melissa J. Lee said...

Yeah, what's with this weather, eh? It was cold and rainy today. I love your son's response to lighter clothing. The SO is such a creature of habit, I think he was a little disturbed not to have any sleeves to tug down. It sure makes washing his hands easier, though...