Sunday, May 18, 2008

A Little Mischief

Well, it's technically Monday where I live, and I actually did manage to finish something new tonight, so I thought I'd go ahead and post it. Although I've used quotations in my jewelry before (eg, "Something wicked this way comes"), I've been wanting to create some individual word charms. I'm a big fan of word charms and beads generally and have a short list of favorites. You can find lovely ceramic word beads and links at Earthenwood Studio and Jangles, for example.

When I sat down to think about what I would want to express in a word charm, I had some difficulty settling on a topic. I thought about doing a set of tranquil, abstract words, like "Truth" and "Beauty", but these didn't seem to jibe with the type of pieces I've been making lately (and frankly, with the Short One getting more active by the day, "tranquil" doesn't really describe our house very well, at the moment). So, in the end I just had to be me. Well, actually, these were slightly inspired by one of the people I live with (I'll leave you to guess which one). Here's a little set of Mischief charms. I decided to add some color to these by coating the charms with a thin layer of tinted resin. I have a list of other words and short phrases I'd like to try, but these three seemed to want to go together, so I made them first.

By the way, "wag" is not intended to mean the back and forth motion one associates with a dog's tail (although it certainly could be used that way, I suppose). It's a reference to an older use of "wag" to refer to a prankster or a wit. The word shows up in Shakespeare at intervals. I believe that Falstaff refers to Prince Hal as "sweet wag" in Henry IV, Part 1.

Happy Monday everyone! Thanks for visiting.

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Anonymous said...

The charms are indeed charming and it was interesting about the word wag. I have actually learned something new today!