Friday, May 16, 2008

Green Girl Studios

I've been meaning to show this piece off for ages and keep forgetting to take a photograph. This is from my personal collection. A while back (last year), Cynthia Thornton held a giveaway on her blog at Green Girl Studios, and I actually won. This Green Girl necklace was created by Cynthia's brother, Andrew Thornton. You may be familiar with his work from the various lovely pieces he publishes in publications such as Stringing Magazine. I've always loved his style, but one of the things that impressed me in particular was how delicate this piece is in person. It's extremely hard to convey that through photography. Anyway, I tend to be a person who enters but never wins random drawings, so I was quite excited to have the opportunity to add this necklace to my collection. (I have not yet worn it, as, given the Short One's great love for and great taste in and great desire to play with nice jewelry, I have felt it best to keep it out of the way of temptation. One of these days, though.) Oh, and I'm assuming that most of you are already familiar with Green Girl Studios, but if not, for goodness sake, stop reading this and click on that link above! The pewter and silver beads they create are simply fantastic. I have a number of Green Girl Beads in my stash and hope to acquire more next month at Bead & Button.

On a final note, you may have noticed I missed blogging yesterday again. I've decided to stop mentioning these instances, as I feel it's probably tedious to keep reading my lame apologies about my failure to keep up my end of the blogging contract. Henceforth, I will do my best to continue blogging M-F as was my original intent, but on those days when life gets in the way, I hope you will excuse me. Thanks! And thanks for visiting!


Christina said...

I love Green Girl Studios, too. That necklace is really pretty! I'm also going to have to acquire more of their beads while at B&B. Their booth is always so hard to get to - filled with people!

Melissa J. Lee said...

Yeah, I know - tactical use of the elbow may be necessary. I'm never there in time for any of the special beads she brings with her though. I've seen those portrait shadow-box style pendants on her blog - so beautiful.