Saturday, May 31, 2008

Ornament Thursday - Insectica

Back from trip, extremely disoriented, what day is it?

Well, I wouldn't buy that one either. Sigh. My apologies to my Ornament Thursday friends - I had less access to the Internet than I expected while I was traveling and was unable to post the links as promised on Thursday. Regardless of the day of the week, however, these projects are wonderful! The theme this month is Insectica. I did not participate myself, as I was too busy coming to grips with middle age (more on this later), but please do follow the links below - or visit the Ornament Thursday blog - to our group's wonderful projects. As for me, I'm back home and will resume the usual drivel on Monday. I hope everyone is having a great weekend.

Art Bead Scene
Dragonflies are all the rage, art beads & brass combine in a 1920's inspired necklace.

Beading Help Web's DragonFly Anklet
Make this cute anklet for summer in just minutes!

Hali Chambers

Flying to a fashionable ear near you, a free project from Humblebeads.

Katie's Beading Blog
Make a fun little winged thing from a handful of wire and beads.

Linda at Make It Mine magazine
Make your own dragonfly top--check out the instructions and video!

Savvy Crafter-
See some cute as a bug pins over on Candie's blog....

You'll get butterflies when you see this summer-inspired necklace with butterfly pendant

The Insects are out
Insects are crawling out and about at http design this month as Helen and Michelle get clay happy with some cool designs.


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