Monday, March 17, 2008

Tomato, Tomahto

With the weather actually making it up to the 50s (F) where I live, the Husband and I have been thinking more about our garden, and, in particular, the little vegetable patch that H. cultivates every year. Here's a pic of some cherry tomatoes from last summer. I'm always struck by how much sweeter and more tender home grown veggies are than even the stuff that we buy at the local farmer's market. I'm completely hopeless with plants - I've managed to kill off pretty much every house plant we've owned except the jade plant (which can be ignored for months, I've learned, without terrible consequences). H., however, comes from a family of gardeners and does quite well with our small plot. Last year, we enjoyed a huge harvest of tomatoes and basil (which, sauteed with butter and a little white wine, makes a truly excellent pasta sauce), cauliflower, sweet peas, butter lettuce, etc., etc. Uh, it makes my mouth water, just thinking about it. Apparently, we're due for sleet-turning-to-snow tonight, so I suspect it will still be a little while before H. plants anything, but I'm certainly looking forward to it!

All of my bead-making went on hiatus for the past couple days. The Short One has been scheduled to go into pediatric day surgery for the past month, and we took him early (quite early - we were up a little before 5am) today. He has had a problem with ingrown nails since he was an infant, and they've finally become bad enough that the podiatrist recommended that they be cut back. Due to his age, he had to undergo a general anesthetic for the procedure- the thought of which has made me quite jittery. I'm happy to say, though, that he came through beautifully. The hospital allowed me to come into the OR and they administered the anesthesia while the SO was sitting on my lap. (The anesthesiologist kept telling me to avert my face from the gas mask - apparently, they have accidentally put a few mothers under, in these situations.) After the SO passed out, I was escorted from the OR to the waiting room. While it was hard to leave him - he looked so terribly small on the operating table - the procedure only took about 15 minutes, and he came to in the recovery area with Monkey (Junior - who has been called into service) by his side.

Anyway, he's doing fine, and I'll be back to the usual bead patter tomorrow. Thanks for stopping by and Happy St. Patrick's Day! (Noticing that H. was wearing nothing green while we were waiting for the SO, I happily stomped on his shoe, with my usual level of maturity. Hopefully, you fared a little better.)


Fancy Pants said...

I am glad to hear the procedure with the Short One went well. I can imagine the 15 minutes was pretty long in mommy minutes. Hoping recovery is easy on him.

Christina said...

So glad that SO is doing well. It is hard to leave them in that situation. N. had surgery to have tubes put in his ears on two different occasions and it was so hard when they took him to the OR!

the vicious chicken said...

Aw, poor little guy - very glad to hear it all went OK, though. And obviously very relieved that you didn't get accidentally anaesthetised, too!

PS I know I still owe you 7 random facts... sorry it's taking me so long to come up with them - while I know that I am quite random, it seems that said randomness is a bit tricky to tie down to 7 neat facts! Hopefully I'll get there soon, though :o)

Deabusamor said...

Glad to hear the Short One's surgery went well. Does he remember any of it? My 7 yr old niece was convinced she saw heaven during a minor ear operation when the doctor turned on the surgery lights right before the anesthetic put her to sleep.

Melissa said...

Thanks, everyone. FP, recovery seems to be going swimmingly at the moment. I managed to find some "handy dandy notebooks" at the party store today, and the SO is all agog over having one just like Joe on "Blue's Clues". It kept him occupied while we applied warm compresses to his toes tonight.

Christina - going through that twice must not have been pleasant for you or N. I hope that is all behind N. now!

VC, don't worry about the facts. Whenever you feel like listing them, I'll feel like reading them. Really love those fab monkey slippers!

Dea - I have NO idea what he remembers or doesn't remember at this stage. He's too young to communicate it to us. It just comes out as "aah, oh, ack, car, bowl, bye, bye". Charming, but not very illuminating. I love the story about your niece, though!