Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Plumeria Blossom

Here's my most recent acquisition that arrived in the mail today. I purchased it from a designer on Etsy who is doing a little destashing. I believe it's supposed to be a plumeria blossom. I know you can't tell from the photo, but this is a huge focal - 50mm across and, since it's carved agate, quite heavy. For some reason, ever since I blogged that I'm not terribly interested in floral designs, I've become obsessed with, well, floral designs. Lately, I've gone completely mad for designs incorporating oversized stone flowers. This was the largest piece I could find with detailed carving. This will likely be paired with onyx or huge black shell pearls and a little coral or red jasper. I'm not sure when I'm going to have the time to put it together, but I'll be happy to add it to my stash for the next month or two, in the meantime.

The Short One, in turn, has gone mad for eggs. Although he, thankfully, didn't comment on the absence of his dyed eggs, he's been playing feverishly with a set of plastic ones and has commanded me at intervals to draw colored eggs with crayons and/or cut out egg shapes from construction paper so that he can decorate them. So far, the eggs in the fridge are safe - I tucked them a little further back on the shelf. I'm hoping he won't notice them, otherwise we could have a major excavation of foodstuff in the kitchen if I don't keep a sharp eye out!

I'll be back late tonight (technically early tomorrow morning, I guess) to post my Ornament Thursday project. Thanks for stopping by!

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