Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Romance, romance

This is the new version of the fortune cookie fortune bezel. I know it's impossible to tell from the photograph, but this version is significantly lighter than the original. I put it in the Ornament Thursday Luck necklace, and it's much more comfortable to wear. The sentiment suits the necklace, too, I think.

The Short One and I actually ate lunch at the local Chinese restaurant today. As I mentioned previously, the SO loves the lemon chicken dish there. Well, he doesn't love the lemon chicken per se - he loves the baby corn in the lemon chicken dish. He gobbles up baby corn as if there's no tomorrow. I actually pay extra to have the chef put in tons of baby corn in the dish. Every now and then, when I'm lucky, he'll deign to eat a piece of chicken, too. I really worry about his getting enough iron. He evolved pretty quickly from being an infant who would eat anything, to a toddler who would really prefer to eat only white rice and the odd bit of apple sauce and pineapple. I started cooking his rice with iron-rich beef stock a while back, and he's even starting to reject that. But I digress...

At any rate, since fortune cookies have been on my mind lately, I asked the waiter if I could go ahead and buy an extra bunch of them, as I needed the fortunes. I got strange looks, but the restaurant was happy to oblige. I opened them up when I came home and not a single one of them was really a "good" fortune. One of them reads "The next time someone insults you, fail to notice it. You will show more class for doing so." True, but how depressing! I guess that's what I get for trying to circumvent the whole serendipity factor of receiving a single random fortune at the end of my meal.

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Working Mom Knits said...

Oh! The newest design is SO sweet! Love it!

Deabusamor said...

That is such a sweet sentiment!

My local dollar store sells fortune cookies in big tin boxes. I've been collecting since I was 5 and they usually come with alright fortunes.

Melissa said...

Thanks, Working Mom Knits!

Dea - a dollar store is a great suggestion. I'll give it a try!