Monday, March 24, 2008


Did everyone have a Happy Easter? We certainly did. We decided to color eggs this year with the Short One, despite the potential mess factor. To say that the SO was MASSIVELY EXCITED would be an understatement. The Husband and I thought we'd have a nice, calm egg dipping session where the SO would choose the colors (he is in the process of learning his colors right now), and I would dip them for him. We had a fine time dipping the first couple eggs this way, with cute multicolored stripes, etc. After that, all heck broke loose, with the SO tossing eggs (this, even though he was firmly held in parental arms the entire time) in dye bowls, with the expected consequences, and becoming increasingly overwrought by this new and excessively exciting art form. So much more entertaining than crayons, let me tell you.

Here are the results of the SO's first ever attempt to dye eggs. While, personally, I feel that he did a darn good job for someone still learning the finer points of motor control, I think the Husband is still slightly traumatized by the amount of mess this generated. Also, I must admit that another drawback to this whole experience is that the SO is firmly convinced that eggs are like the big rubber balls in his toy chest. The cracks you see in the photo were not so much caused by his tossing the eggs in the dye bowls as his attempts to get them to bounce on the floor, afterwards. As a result of this enthusiastic playtime, I ended up quietly disposing of them after he went to bed - but not before taking this commemorative photo. (My only concern is how to keep him from tossing all of the remaining fresh, and definitely not hardboiled, eggs in the fridge on the floor over the next couple days, but that's another story.)

On the beading front, I managed to finish one of my contest pieces this weekend with only moderate cursing and tearing of hair, and I strung my Ornament Thursday (which is this Thursday) project tonight. I can't show you the contest piece for a while, but the OT project will be posted on Wednesday. Try to contain your excitement, please.

I hope everyone had a great weekend. I'll see you tomorrow!


Gladys said...

Wow the SO obviously has an eye for colour just like his mum.Please tell the husband that from my experience kids are messy all their lives,so he had better take a deep breath and go with the flow.

Melissa J. Lee said...

Thanks, gladys! Ha, good advice for H. I think he's still under the mistaken impression that we have control over this issue!