Saturday, March 8, 2008

Phoning Home

I'm afraid I'm totally phoning this in, even after missing last night's post. Last night involved part two of my large project and an unhappy Short One who couldn't sleep between 1-4am. Late at night is usually my private time for making new beads, etc. Mostly, the SO sleeps pretty well these days, but there are some nights still when he simply wakes up for some reason and has trouble getting back to sleep. I have insomnia issues myself from time to time, so I can sympathize - I'm hoping he doesn't inherit my chronic sleep problems. However, the combination of the SO being unable to sleep and fiddly resin work simply makes one (namely, me) want to tear hair out (mine, not the SO's, poor guy). I finally tottered into bed around 5am, around the same time the Husband was waking up for the day.

The project isn't going so well, either, I'm sorry to say. I prepared one large lot of colored resin yesterday afternoon, large enough to deal with all of the pieces of my necklace. Because I hand-tint the resin, I have dye lot issues, similar to what you find in hand-dyed yarn. I wanted more than enough resin for my project to ensure that the color of the beads match well. However, for whatever reason, despite the fact that I used a single pot of resin for the project and made the beads at pretty much the same time (barring the 1-4am issues), I'm still getting weird color variations from bead to bead. It's another hair tearing issue, I'm afraid.

Oh, and, I wanted to correct my post from Thursday. A theremin player names Oscar actually came across my post (you can read his comment in the Comments section). He informed me that the sound in the Star Trek theme is actually the voice of a woman imitating a theremin and not actually a theremin. How disappointing. Oh, well, it's still an interesting instrument. Thanks for the information, Oscar!

Okay, I need to call it a night before I keel over. Sorry to have been such an absentee blogger these past days. I should be able to do better next week. Thanks for stopping by!

ps. The necklace above is an old one - the flower pendant is by Michele Goldstein. I strung it with my own beginner lampworked beads.


Lorelei said...

I love this necklace! Very colorful! I can't get enough of color lately, with it being so drab outside. Where is Spring already?????

Melissa said...

Thanks, lorelei! I agree - let's hear it for spring!