Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Royal Purple

Well, I finally have something to show you. This is my first attempt to string one of my amethyst stalactite top pendants. At the time I strung this (a couple weeks ago), I thought I'd managed to get the color balance right, but now I'm not so sure. I bought this beautiful, chunky rose quartz back in December, and I've been itching to use it. I love the color combination of purple, pink and green, but something about this necklace still seems just a touch off. As you can see, this is still a bit of a work in progress.

On other fronts, the Short One is continuing to do well with his toes and has been very patient about sitting still for the compresses (he spends the time covering my face with little alphabet stickers - there is an advantage to having a captive audience, after all).

The SO is a real alphabet fanatic. He's loved letters since he was about 18 months old. I get weird looks from other mothers when we "play alphabet" in public, as if I'm some neurotic woman making a pathetic attempt to turn my child into a super-genius, but it really is all his idea. Nothing makes him happier than reciting or having me write his letters for him. In fact, in our continuing efforts to circumvent his pickiness at mealtimes, the Husband and I hunted around for alphabet pasta at our local groceries (we finally found some after looking around for about a month) and have been adding it to various dishes at mealtime. So far it's working pretty well, although he does have some tendency to pick out the pasta and leave the other good stuff. In fact, it's working so well, that I'm seriously thinking about getting some alphabet pastry cutters and using them to cut his veggies and fresh fruit into letter shapes in an attempt to get him to eat them. What do you think? A cunning plan (this is a reference to Black Adder - I love that show)?

Well, now that my Designer's Challenge piece is finished (the photographs came out very nicely this afternoon), it's back to the various contest pieces for me. I can't believe it's already the 18th. Where is the month going? Does everyone have their taxes done?

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Anonymous said...

Hey Melissa, get your son one of those doodle pads where you fill the marker with water. When you write on the pad it draws with water. I had one for my youngest because she was the same way about letters. At about 1-1/2, she knew all of her letters by sight and LOVED this pad. You could fold it up and stick it in the daiper bag and I took it with me EVERYWHERE! I can't remember the name of it but they have many different ones, I still see them in the store. Ours had a blank center for drawing and the ABC's around the outer edges.

Hollister, CA

Dot, Acton ME said...

Beware of the cunning plan; after all, how often did things turn out right for Edmund and Baldrick?

Love that (twisted) show too. The reference makes me chuckle....

Melissa said...

Hi Jenn, That pad sounds fabulous - I'll look out for it. Thanks!

Hi Dot! Glad to meet another Black Adder fan! I always say "I have a cunning plan" and no one ever gets it. My plans never work out any more than B's plans tended to!