Thursday, April 10, 2008

More "Jade"

Here's the other piece that I purchased that comes from the jade market in Hong Kong. This is an actual bead, with a hole drilled through it. Nice, don't you think? It's strange - apart from the one silk kimono I own, I don't really go in for ethnic clothing, but I love carved stone beads with an Asian flavor. I can't really explain why.

I can't believe it's almost the 15th. Is everyone finished with their taxes? Due to one document we need that is perpetually late, we always end up having to run things down to the wire (I'm sure our accountant loves that - I sent him an email last night at midnight, and he responded immediately. Clearly he doesn't expect to get much sleep the week before the filing deadline). I'll be happy when we can finally put 2007 behind us.

The Short One and I spent another fun-filled day with our plumber. He's been visiting so much lately that the SO greets him like an old buddy now (the SO tends to be quite suspicious of interlopers in his domain and is more likely to hide behind my knees at the sudden appearance of the mailman, etc). This time, the problem appears to have been heavy grease build-up in the waste line leading from our kitchen sink that resulted in a clog in the sewer line. He kept asking me if I was dumping stuff down the sink that I shouldn't be. It's hard not to have a guilty conscience when fixed with the ol' hairy eyeball by an expert, but ever since we managed to break the first disposal we installed in the house, I probably toss half of the stuff that we really should be dumping in the disposal into the garbage instead. The stench during the cleanup was truly incredible (I can only wonder what the SO made of the smell and banging and sawing noises) and the only thing preventing me from dumping a bleach solution all over the basement floor right now is the fact that he also poured new concrete over part of the floor and apparently it needs to sit undisturbed overnight. Yeeeech.

Now that you know far, far more than you ever wanted to about our house (and our plumbing), I'll toddle off to bed. Thanks for stopping by!

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