Thursday, September 18, 2008

Featured Artist for Ornament Thursday

Greetings. I am the featured artist for the Ornament Thursday group this month. This is not my piece for the month, but it does have some relation to it. Interested? If so, visit the Ornament Thursday blog to see my teaser photo for the project.

Anyway, I created this necklace last year for one of the Art Bead Scene challenges - it was very satisfying to make. I still really enjoy making the skully pendants (although I hate polishing them, argh - they are not easy to polish) and, of course, at least one other piece of mine has used the same fine silver triangle beads.

On other fronts, I was watching the Short One the other day and noticed an interesting phenomenon. While he was reciting the alphabet, he was making odd hand gestures. I looked closer and realized that he was signing the alphabet as he was saying the letters. Now, although we taught the Short One a few signs for individual words when he was younger (his favorites were ketchup and ice cream, go figure), we never ever actually taught him the alphabet. I'm completely stumped. One of the classic Sesame Street shows we let him watch (despite dire warnings from the Children's Television Workshop that the old shows may "not be suitable for today's pre-schoolers") does go through all of the signs in a cartoon format, but surely it's pretty difficult to figure out how to make the signs with your own hands after seeing them on a television screen for a few seconds? Scary.

I think there's some chocolate ice cream in the freezer calling my name. I hope you'll excuse me. Have a good night.

ps Amy Locurto is having a virtual Halloween Blog Party this year, and I'm participating with this necklace! Please go here to join the party!


Cindy Gimbrone said...

I love this necklace, Melissa (congrats on the BeadStyle project - can't wait to see it!!). But I've really taken the time to comment on The Short One today. Awesome that he's signing the alphabet (it's called fingerspelling)!! It is hard for you and I to extract from a cartoon but children are born to learn language - their brains dont' look at it as complicated - like the Nike commercial used to say - they just do it. YAY! for The Short One multi-lingualism is cool even when it comes from a cartoon!


Melissa J. Lee said...

Hi Cindy, Thanks for the info! Like many girls, I learned to sign the alphabet in grade school to pass "secret" messages in class. I was so startled to see that his hand movements had some meaning. Having had pretty much no experience with young children before the SO's arrival, it's been fascinating to watch him grow and develop so quickly.

Amy from Texas said...

Wow! I want to dress as a witch just so I can wear this!!