Monday, September 22, 2008

My favorite time of the year

I love this time of year. My favorite seasons are what I think of as the transitional ones - spring and fall. I love how crisp the air feels and the brilliant colors as the leaves turn colors. I love seeing kids in costume and greasepaint and the whole atmosphere of Halloween (and, er, scarfing leftover candy from trick-or-treats, which is almost the only time we keep the stuff in the house, since I have no self-control). So, anyway, since I was thinking these types of thoughts, I made this cobweb button. The fact that we have altogether too many real life examples around the house has noooo bearing on this whatsoever. Or on my housekeeping skills. Uh-uh. Anyway, I think this would look great with faceted onyx. Maybe I'll make a couple pendants, too, for earrings.

On other fronts, I've been in agony for the past month, while we try to decide what window replacement company to go with for our big house repair for the year. We live in what can be quaintly termed a vintage home (circa 1920s), and while some things were updated by the previous owners (who spent 30+ years here), many other things were not. We've had drafts in the house every winter, and we've finally decided to do something about it. However, it's a big project (there are a LOT of windows in this house), and I've just been going into conniptions, reading all of the horror stories about what can go wrong. We were finally forced to make a commitment due to the lateness in the year, and, even though I signed off on the contract earlier today, I'm still fretting about it. Does anyone have a good window replacement story to share with me? I could use one right about now.

Oh, and the reason I signed off on the contract alone today is that H. is currently right outside of Milan, attending a conference. That's right: Milan, as in Italy. He called yesterday and told me how beautiful the village where he is staying is and that the weather has been a fabulous mid-70s and sunny since arrival. The so-and-so.

Hope everyone had a great Monday. See you tomorrow.


LLYYNN said...

Love the button, the photo is visually fun because it can be an optical illusion - is the button concave or convex? The eyes and senses are easily fooled, I found myself staring at it and having it first go one way and then the other. Great piece! You are obviously a master dapping blocker - or is it just dapper?

Bev's Jewelry said...

Button is great. I remember visiting a home when I saw a spider crawling around the sink. My first inclination was to squash it. The hostess was appalled and picked it up and took it outside with some mumblings. (Never went back to visit) Not to say we have none in our house - not at all but never would carry one outside, alive!
Re: windows. We live in a Victorian type 100 year old house and just had our house sided and windows replaced. Sears. The siding is great since they have new types that are not just the plain type. Scallops etc. The windows however, are plain. No little panes etc. We miss that. But have already noticed a difference in drafts and sound. good job.

Melissa J. Lee said...

Thanks, Lynn! I didn't notice that about the photo - cool! (It's concave, by the way.)

Hi Bev, thanks for your happy window story. I hope we have the same good experience!