Thursday, September 11, 2008


I've been teetering on the precipice of joining the micro-blog crowd for some time, and I finally fell two nights ago. You can now find me tweet-ing (if I'm using the lingo correctly, which I may not be) on Twitter under my own name. My most recent Twitter updates can also be read in the sidebar of this blog. Anyone else here on Twitter? I've found some friends, but I'm sure I've missed many more.

Here are the nephrite pendants I purchased in New York. I love them, love them, love them. I already have a design for the deer pendant (read my comment regarding the tagua nut tiger bead from two posts ago which ditto, here) percolating in my brain, as well as the beginning of a design for the rectangular one (the hole for which runs through the long side of the rectangle and not the short side, which I like). I also found a few cute soo chow jade (probably dyed bowenite) pendants, too.

On other fronts, I'm finally biting the bullet and starting the Short One's Halloween costume. Until last month, I had been intending to make him a crown and "ermine" lined cardigan to wear. However, he started wandering around the house saying "Arrr" in menacing tones and calling me "Mommy Pirate", so perhaps you can guess what we've decided on ,costume-wise, instead. Needless to say, this household is anticipating International Talk Like a Pirate Day with great expectation.

My mother, who is visiting with us right now, has complained since before the SO was born that she could knit something for him if I told her what to do (she can knit and purl but does not know how to read or write her own patterns), so I've decided to put her to work on one part of the project. This is actually the first time in about six months that I'll be picking up knitting needles, which, until this year, was pretty much unheard of. However, the SO still loves to unravel balls of yarn around his neck in a big tangle, so I haven't been able to keep projects lying around the house during the daytime.

I'm off to put a load of silver in the kiln (arrr - sounds vaguely pirate-y, eh?). Hopefully, I will actually have new work to show for it by early next week. It's occurred to me that I completely missed posting last weeks Bead Blogger links when I came back on Monday, so I'll post them here, now. I'll have the current links up tomorrow or Saturday, as usual. Thanks for visiting! Jewelry Making
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