Tuesday, April 1, 2008


Here's another button today - this time, it's a double koi. I'm hoping to use this for a knit kimono-style cardigan. I have some beautiful pale pink yarn that I think will go very well. Getting the weight right for the button is a bit tricky, though. The bigger and heavier the button, the more likely it will simply pull the knitted fabric down in unattractive ways. I'm hoping this will work, but, given how little I've been knitting recently, I may not have a finished garment to show off/wear until the winter...

I love kimono-cut garments. I have a tendency to emphasize comfort over style with my clothes and often end up wearing sack-like garments (according to my mother), but the kimono has the double advantage of being a nice, loose cut but stylish at the same time. The lack of shaping in the sleeves means that they are completely mindless to knit, as well, which is the only knitting I seem to be capable of, these days.

Praise be, our stinky sewer issues appear to be over, thanks to our hardworking plumber. The family celebrated wildly by immediately running the dishwasher (woohoo!) and then taking nice, relaxing baths (let's just say that the sewer wasn't the only thing stinky in the house by today). The Short One demanded "more boats, more boats!" and had a grand time playing with them in the all-too-short (to his mind at least) allotted time for his bath. Tomorrow, the extended celebration will continue as we gather around the washing machine and ooh and aah as it goes through its spin cycle (we've been using the laundromat, lest you think we've completely forsaken modern civilization these past days). You never appreciate the mod cons more than after a few days without them, I think.

May your own drains remain unclogged and swiftly flowing. Talk to you tomorrow!

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