Wednesday, January 16, 2008

The Short One's Angel

With the Short One's birthday coming up, I've been spending a lot of time thinking about how much life has changed since his arrival. I used to be an intellectual property lawyer (I'm not sure I've ever explicitly admitted this before or not, but there you go), working long hours for a variety of large and largish corporate clients. Now I have the good fortune to be staying at home, working even longer hours for my one, rather short but vocal client who, even though I no longer carry a Blackberry, seems to be able to find me day or night whenever he has a problem that needs solving. Actually, it always reminds me of the old opening monologue for "Charlie's Angels", where Charlie is explaining how the Angels came to work for him. Except, of course, in my head, it's a cute baby voice saying, "Once upon a time there was an older lady who went to law school - and who was assigned various dangerous tasks involving lots of paper and no crayons. I took her away from all that. I'm the Short One." (Okay, I have a weird imagination. I know that.)

Anyway, I have no new work at all at the moment, so I'm punting with a photo of an older piece I made over the summer. These luscious lampworked sweets beads are by Lezlie Belanger. The Celtic cat button that I used for a clasp is by Green Girl Studios. I really enjoy wearing ice cream around my neck. I can't explain why, but I really do.

Thanks for stopping by!


Working Mom Knits said...

Wow - I never dreamed you'd had a former life in Law...I'd imagined yu working in a art gallery. You have such an eye for the creative.

ps: wonderful ice cream!

Melissa said...

Hi, WMK! Yep, I worked as a lawyer for almost a decade before the SO arrived. I have absolutely no training in art or design. I'm completely winging it right now...

Isn't the ice cream great? I love Lezlie's beads.