Tuesday, January 22, 2008


Well, the Short One is finally asleep. (I gave up worrying after he said "Maaaamma" for the nth time from his room and, when I arrived, started trying to show me - in the dark - that he could pat his head and rub his tummy, sort of, at the same time. Nevertheless, it's a fact that it took him quite a while to actually fall asleep tonight.) The chores are more or less finished (are they ever really finished?), I've resolved not to even peek at the Etsy store tonight again, as I'm driving myself crazy over it right now. So I thought I'd come back and write a real blog post.

One of the things I fret about is my blog entries getting increasingly, shall we say, pedestrian, as more of my free time is taken up with Etsy matters. I really only have a couple non-Short One hours a day to devote to beading, blogging and such, and I know that I have been spending a lot of time getting the store in working order. Thanks for sticking with me during this period. I will try to be a little better about focusing on the blog moving forward.

At any rate, I'd like you to meet Jungle Monkey No. 2, whom I've dubbed "Junior" (we're very original about names in this house, you may have noticed). Yep, after spending all of that time cleaning milk off of Jungle Monkey No. 1 ("Senior") while the Short One wailed about his monkey-less state up in his room, I decided to order a back-up, who arrived today. Although he is just as cheerful and good-natured as Senior, Junior is, now that I've unpacked him, clearly shinier, cleaner, much less smelling of milk and generally just newer than Senior, unfortunately. I'm beginning to think I will not be able to pull a fast one on the Short One and sub Junior in as needed. I suppose it was an extravagance on my part to buy a second one, anyway, but even the Husband, who is much less sentimental than I am, agreed after the milk incident that we needed a potential stand-in for the Jungle Monkey. I suppose that we'll just have to see how it goes.

Curiously enough, I've been thinking of knitting tonight, and how little of it I've been doing this year. I surfed the 'Net and came up with two of my favorite projects that I've been meaning to do but have never started. They have a little something in common - they are both patterns for wigs. Yep, knitted wigs. I don't have permission to show the photos on my blog, so I'll just provide the links here and here. They are well-worth visiting, so I hope you'll take a second right now and go peek. I'll wait.

Fabulous, aren't they? I'm a "Star Wars" geek from way back (it was the first PG rated movie my parents allowed me to see), so the Princess Leia wig gets me every time I look at it. The Hallowig, too - with the ribbing, it looks as if it might actually stay on, as well.

Oh, and on a final note - remember, Ornament Thursday, during December? Well, the founders and a few of their colleagues got together and decided to make it a permanent thing. I've been invited to join the group (I said "yes" in a flash, obviously), so from now on, the last Thursday of each month, plus each Thursday in December, will be devoted to Ornament Thursday. Despite the name, projects will not be limited to ornaments (except for the December projects). Each month will have a theme around which participants will design their projects. I'm really excited about this - I think it will be a lot of fun. I'm only obligated to participate every other month, but I have a feeling I'll be doing more. (If you have no idea what I'm talking about please go here to view one of my Ornament Thursday projects from December.) Moving forward, the first Ornament Thursday will be the last day of January, so look forward to it!

Thanks again for visiting. See you tomorrow.


the vicious chicken said...

Junior does look very new and fluffy... although, not having seen Senior, I can't comment on whether or not the SO might be fooled into thinking they are one and the sane :o)

Good luck with it though, if the stand-in's needed.

Melissa said...

Hi VC! Well, until Junior arrived, we thought Senior was in pretty good trim. However, apparently, it's just hard to recover from having milk spilled on you, being drooled on, etc., etc. We may do a test run this weekend, with the doppelganger. If we're brave enough.

Monkee Maker said...

Oooh, it's always good to see a new monkey on the block :)

Love the links to the wigs too .... please put up a picture if you knit yourself one!


ps. I shall be blogging about your gorgeous Dragon's heart pendant next week and I don't think I've left feed-back on your shop yet .... I'll add that to my to-do list!

Melissa said...

MM, you can never own too many monkeys (or monkees). Thanks so much for the blog love - I hope the pendant is working out okay. Feedback is always appreciated, but there's no rush - whenever you have time...

Even if I ultimately knit the wigs, would I have the chutzpah to wear it/them? Maybe for Halloween...