Wednesday, January 23, 2008

CaliGirl Art Glass

I've been wanting to show you these for a couple days but have had a terrible time getting a good photograph. As it is, this shot doesn't really capture the beauty of these lampworked beads. I won these from Jenn Kelly of Caligirl Art Glass right before Christmas. Jenn made the beads from Terra glass, which is a reactive glass. The subtle play of colors produced by these beads is truly remarkabl, and Jenn has a way of bringing out this quality with her lovely application of stringer. She told me that Terra glass has been discontinued, so I feel extremely lucky to have these beads from her remaining stash of the glass. Thank you, Jenn!

I sat down to string the Giveaway prize for Saturday and realized that I am completely out of the right diameter stringing wire for the project. Arrrrgh. Tragically, it looks as if I must force myself to visit the bead store in the next day or two. What a hardship.

On other fronts, over the past two days, the Short One has developed a keen interest in the computer. Actually, he's always enjoyed playing with the computer (so many buttons to push), but lately he's become much more vocal and insistent about using it for prolonged periods of time. Unfortunately, because he does not yet have the dexterity to use the mouse on his own, it basically means that he's perched on my lap offering color commentary while I play a bunch of games on the Sesame Street website for him. My attempts to explain that there are other things that Mama needs to be doing during the day have been met with complete scorn and disbelief and a display of the type of behavior that usually prompts parenting books to say, quite firmly,that "children need boundaries". I find all of this quite interesting, as I grew up in the Stone Age, before there were personal computers or the Internet (I think I was about 10 when the first, rather expensive, personal computers were introduced). I spent hours playing Pong on our tv, but that was about it. Kids these days are so wired-in. We actually bought the SO baby software last year - the kind of thing that will react with cute pictures in response to striking any key on the keyboard. It does make me wonder how this is all worked into the curriculum at school, especially in the younger grades. In the meantime, I'm contemplating hiding the computer in the closet (with Junior, actually) to avoid further "discussions" about Elmo's "Keyboard-a-rama" game.

Have a great day. Thanks for stopping by.


Christina said...

I feel for you. Going to the bead store is a terrible, terrible hardship. :)

Melissa said...

:) (However, as you will note from the next post, I didn't get to go! Wah!)