Tuesday, January 29, 2008

The Internet and You

Sorry for the re-run on the photo (although, technically, this is new, as the original pendant sold a while back - thanks, MM!), but I was getting a little tired of the low quality of the older photos I've been using lately. I've finally agonized through my Ornament Thursday project (you'll probably look at it and think "What was she thinking???", as it turned out to be a pretty simple piece), but it means I don't have much else new to show for the week. Anyway, it's prime time for Valentine/Heart images, right? Right?

I tried to open a MySpace account tonight. Or, I should say, I opened one and then canceled the account, because my ID didn't show up correctly. Apparently, it takes 48 hours for account to be deleted, so I can't re-register yet. To be honest, I'm kind of relieved about this. I've never used MySpace before, and I already have accounts here, through Flickr and through We Love Etsy. I wasn't all that keen to pick up another one, but I felt that I had to open one, not for personal reasons, but to try to promote the Etsy store a little. I was quite appalled by how much personal information shows up in the basic public account. This may sound odd for someone who has a blog (although maybe not, if you remember the little fiasco involving the Short One's photo on my Christmas Eve entry), but I'm pretty squeamish about releasing a lot of personal information on the Internet where anyone could see. I was also surprised to learn that MySpace seems geared in part to facilitate on-line dating. I was equally surprised to learn, when I visited my profile for the first time after registering, that I was "single" (and it took a while to figure out how to change that default setting). I suppose this is just me being naive? I met the Husband before the real boom in on-line dating, so it's all pretty much a foreign world to me. Does anyone here use MySpace? Any thoughts on the service? I've also not looked into FaceBook at all, but I figure I need to tackle these beasts one at a time.

I've been so pleased by the response to the Short One's Birthday Giveaway. I'm sure this has mostly to do with the Short One's natural charisma. I've been quite entertained by the variety of comments, including the one about Monkee Maker (yes, she is quite mad, isn't she, Michaela? So nice to meet you finally - thanks for stopping by!). I'm sorry that I have not been responding as I usually do, but I'm trying to keep that post clean of everything except actual entries. If you have not yet entered, there is still time to do so! The Giveaway is open until 11:59pm Friday. Please go here.

On a final note, my blogging friend Vicious Chicken has reached a milestone - she is celebrating her 100th post. Why not say hello and wish her congratulations? You'll be glad you did.

Thanks for stopping by! Tomorrow, I'll be posting my Ornament Thursday project. (Yes, I know it's Wednesday tomorrow, but the individual projects are to be posted tomorrow and the links to the whole group's projects will be posted on Thursday. Basically, it means you won't have to read my drivel on Thursday, but will have many lovely crafty items to admire, instead. Clear as mud? Just come visit and see for yourself!)


Kitty said...

Hi I found your blog via Monkee Maker's post about your lovely pendant. You make some rather wonderful 'stuff'.

I have a MySpace account - I think lots of folks use it as a dating thing, but it can work as a function for keeping in touch with friends, and making new ones with like-minded peeps. As for Facebook ... I've got an account there too, but I don't 'get' it I'm afraid.

Take care :-)

Christina said...

I have a Facebook account for work. To me it seems more professional than MySpace, particularly the look of it.

*melanie* earthenwood studio said...

I have both a Myspace and Facebook account. I am not really into either of them. I abhor My Space, honestly, its way too buggy and skeevy for me. Facebook seems better, but I just cannot find my way around very well.

I just joined Indie Public and really like it. I don't know how much it reaches out beyond the community of craft-makers...into craft buyers, but it is worth a try. Its real pretty too.

I do get a good amount of traffic by joining and posting to Flickr groups too...

Melissa said...

Thanks so much for all of the good input here. I'm starting to feel a little old, creaky and behind the times, when it comes to modern technology...